About Us

Founded in 1999, Renew is a privately owned commercial construction company, active in several sectors of the commercial market space, we have gained valuable experience over the years.

We are a Melbourne based construction company who has been trusted with a range of important projects across Victoria. Stephen Price is the company director and remains directly responsible in the negotiation and daily management of each project. Over the 20 years Renew has been in operation, we have developed strong management plans and protocols and as a business we know that our systems and procedures are equal to or better than our competitors. Stephen Price works closely with his experienced team of supervisors to oversee the coordination of the projects ensuring timeframes, safety and budgets are being met.

At Renew, we are always striving to offer excellence in our preferred areas of construction as well as client relations. We are a highly motivated construction team that delivers successful project outcomes on time and on budget. Renew also has the financial capacity to deliver a wide range of projects and contract values. These projects would include new construction, extensions and major refurbishments.

It is due to our flexibility, responsiveness, dependability, trust, integrity and our want to work with our partnering Architects that we regard ourselves as ‘Ease of Use’ builders. It is due to this achievement that our Architects provide Renew with repeat business as the level of confidence instilled in them is clear.

Commercial Building Licence Vic. – CB-L 15513 (Medium Rise)